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I have been lucky enough to spend the past 3 years helping with the school charity and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team who brought a post-Covid community back to life by re-establishing favourite events, building new activities & creating our own online second hand uniform store, all of which many of you have been kind enough to compliment. 

As one previous co-chair put it this role is  “a thankless task,” and another close friend wryly observed that “no good deed goes unpunished,”  and there have indeed been times when I have wondered what on earth I was thinking of as an event got ‘started,’ after many hours, often days of behind the scenes’ work that I’d done on top of keeping my career running and our family going! It could be exhausting at times. But actually it’s been a whole lot of fun creating opportunities for us all to get together. I’ve met some tremendous people; parents who I would not have met had I not helped out, and I’m lucky enough to have some incredible friendships born out of being part of this team. My daughters have also seen me being part of something that embodies our school community values; we are inclusive, kind and helpful – and we like a good life and a good time! It’s been a blast seeing ideas come into reality with families pouring into events as the gates open, all ready to have a good time and be part of the BHSA community – kids get covered in face paint, castles get bounced on, wreaths are created, fancy dress costumes are swapped; memories are made – and parents are always kind enough to help swell the coffers by selflessly buying many, many drinks from the BHSA bar! I hope you too have enjoyed what we managed to deliver for us all.

I think it’s now time that a new team of co-chairs have the opportunity to step up and take the charity on into the future. As timing would have it, other officers have also decided the step down or their daughters are moving to senior school. So we decided to have an assessment of all the roles, and the work that we know is required, and reconfigure things so all the roles are manageable for a parent cohort that is always willing but often time poor.

The current BHSA central team and I have taken time to identify all the parts of this puzzle and have put them  into small groupings of “things to do,” that naturally work together in the hope that lots of people will come forward if there are more manageable options to volunteer for. Obviously, this is not prescriptive and I’d love to hear from people who see parts of roles as ‘their,’ thing. The school is also taking ‘in house,’a few things that I have been doing such as social media and the BHSA website (my lovely husband Neil actually did this bit,) which will firstly remove some pressures from the new team and secondly provide the charity with greater connection with the school and a wider BHS audience.

Please do not think there are many others stepping up and that your offer of help is not needed, if you think you can help, please do. Many hands make light work, it’s also a lot of fun, and your daughters will be pretty impressed that you showed some love for our community.

The document that follows this rather lengthy chat with you is also quite long, but we have done this deliberately to give you a proper insight into each role and to give as much information to you as possible. That said, if you have any queries please ask me  –  you can email me at [email protected] or call/message me on the BHSA phone 07597768114. 

If you are volunteering for any of the roles please let me know.

Please do think about offering your help, you won’t regret it.

With my very best wishes,

Natalie x

PS I will be in this role until the end of the academic year, with new volunteers taking up their roles in September 2024, thus you will hear from me again in the summer term as I want to thank A LOT of people before leaving the BHSA in some surely very capable hands Nxx

as suggested for next year



2 or 3 people may like to take this role together..?

Natalie Sensier Renaud

Works with the school to create, oversee, and coordinate the charity’s strategy, plans and operations.
Has oversight of planning of all community events and fundraising initiatives across senior and junior schools (which are usually run by different teams of parents)
Chairs termly Zoom meeting with all parents.
Main point of contact for school and parents.

Vice Chair(s)

2 people might like to share this role..?

Covered by the current Chair 

Works in partnership with the Chair(s) to support on the above-mentioned responsibilities.
Manages BHSA Rep community ensuring all year groups are represented and parents are well-connected to BHSA in terms of both plans and pastoral care.
Supports in welcoming new parents to the school in association with the Admissions Officers.

Honorary Treasurer

Possible job-share?

Louise Robinson

Responsible for financial operations of the charity, providing management of accounts in accordance with charity’s constitution.
Manages relationship with Easy Fundraising & other fund raising streams
Liaison with external auditors.
Manages banking.
Manages termly financial reporting and shares via BHSA meetings.
Supports on event pricing.
Manages facilities such as SumUp & Stripe.

Honorary Secretary

Possible job-share?

Shared between several current officers

Responsible for governance, ensuring compliance with the constitution, dissemination of information and distribution of key materials and general administration to support the running of the charity.

Communications Coordinator

Possible job-share?

Lauren Myers

Ensures the BHSA plans and communications are clear for the year via the termly BHSA newsletter and other communications to support and promote events and initiatives, leveraging the BHSA Rep network and ensuring all events & activities are promoted to each year group
Will be responsible for creation of social media content plans on Instagram and Facebook, aligned with the BHSA calendar and priorities, working with the school’s marketing team who will deliver it.
Ditto, will provide creative content, branding and marketing materials for various BHSA run events and initiatives in association with the school’s marketing team.

*This role is subject to change as the school has offered to take part of this role  “in house,” to ensure continuity of school/GDST branding.

Events Coordinator

Possible job-share?

Kate Chandler

Ensures the smooth running of events at the junior school, developing volunteer support amongst the parent group and managing event logistics.
Has oversight of all events, and liaises with the different teams running events with responsibility for all events meeting BHSA & school requirements
Community partnerships will be fostered by the School and incorporated in BHSA events as appropriate.

Coffee Shop Coordinators

 job-share for 2/3 people


Karen Soriano & 

Natalie Sensier Renaud

Manages the logistics, materials and volunteer rota for the weekly coffee shop held at the Junior School.


Website Coordinator

Possible job-share?

Neil Renaud

Manages the two websites including content updates for events, ticket sales and other information.
Technical skills required to run an e-commerce site.
Provides reporting and insights to the Treasurer from website to optimise future plans.

*This role is subject to change as the current site is written in Python, and supported & hosted by the current officer. It is likely the BHSA will move the shop and ticket sales to a less bespoke, more commercial site such as SumUp which is easier for non IT parents to manage.

*In addition, the school has offered to take the main BHSA website  “in house,” to ensure continuity of school/GDST branding.

Second Hand BHS Uniform Online Shop Manager

Possible job-share?

Natalie Sensier Renaud

Encourages and sorts donations of good quality, current guideline, pre-loved uniform.
Manages stock cupboard organisation and fulfils all orders.
Responsible for responding to any parent queries or issues relating to uniform donations or purchases.
Manages updating of uniform stock on website.


Previous Chairs & Co-Chairs


Provides guidance and support to the Chair(s),Vice Chair and other officers, particularly in the first year of any new officers in these roles to ensure continuity for the charity. 

*This role will be fulfilled by previous Co-chairs and Chairs Jo Rosset & Natalie Sensier Renaud next year.

*This process of officer-selection has always been an informal event that happens every year with the current officers wishing to continue being supported by the parent cohort attending the meeting, or as in last year’s case when our Treasurer stepped down we asked for volunteers at the meeting and in follow up communications.  As our Chair is stepping down, along with our Treasurer & our Events Coordinator and other officers considering a change of BHSA role, the BHSA is asking parents to consider if they can volunteer before the meeting happens. 

* Current volunteers can elect to re-volunteer

* Parents wishing to volunteer for any of these roles should inform the BHSA Chair asap so preparations can be made for the next BHSA Meeting on May 1st at 8pm where candidates will be announced and voting, if appropriate, will then take place via our Survey Monkey account.

*We encourage groups of friends to consider taking on roles rather than the previous custom of one person taking sole responsibility.

* The school will now support on the communications and marketing aspects of the BHSA by taking the social media account(s) and main website ‘in house.’

* Roles as laid out above are indicative, the BHSA is flexible and open to job shares or redefined roles, depending on what volunteers are able to offer and realistically commit to. For example: the social media content & output of the BHSA is currently managed by the Chair but the content has been moved to the Coordinator’s (or Coordinators’) remit.

* The school and the BHSA is particularly keen to invite parents from KS1 to become involved as you have not long left the early years, but know the school and the community well enough to connect with all parents across the years regarding what people wish to do as a community but the BHSA warmly invites all parents who wish to get involved to step forward.