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Juniors / Eco Club

Composting Bins


Environmentalism is something that is very close to many of the girls’ hearts and Eco Club have identified that a lot of waste gets produced during snack time in the playground. They would like to install composting bins to solve the problem of food waste. The type of bin that we think would be best is a food waste digestor – these can handle all types of food waste and feed it directly into the ground rather than having to turn and empty the compost which would be a big job to keep up with. It would also be a good opportunity to teach the children to use these bins correctly as part of their environmental education.

Juniors / Music



We have been able to provide a wide range of instruments for the girls to try before families commit to the purchase of expensive instruments. Few would want to risk the purchase of a harp and this beautiful instrument is the missing piece in our musical jigsaw.

Juniors / Nursery

Luxury Book Corner


In the book corner, the puppets and core books will enhance the children’s love of early reading and develop their engagement in stories.

Juniors / Playground 

 Domestic Role Play


2 x domestic role play – cleaning/baby/cot/tables and chairs

The children would use the role-play resources to develop empathy and to encourage collaborative play.

Juniors / Nursery

Outdoor/Camping Role Play


1 x outdoor role play camping

1 x gardening and growing

The children would use the role-play resources to develop empathy and to encourage collaborative play.

Juniors / PSCHEE

School council’s Secret Garden


Item/project to be funded: 

watering cans, gloves, planters, compost and bedding plants     

We created the garden by using recycled items and upcycling where we could. For example by using old wooden pallets for planters and for a bench, welly boots for planters and donated plant pots. We have received donations of seeds from various staff members and we would now like to further improve the space. 

With more planters, plants and equipment we can provide a range of gardening activities to include more pupils in creating a not only a garden but an area where children can work together or alone to enjoy creating a garden. We have found it has been beneficial for wellbeing and children who are struggling in the playground for some reason; it is a wonderful place to go to.

Juniors / School Council Request

Playground Equipment


£1000 to cover the cost of replacing some of the existing popular equipment and introduce new equipment to provide an opportunity to try new activities.

Examples of new equipment would include items to encourage developing ball skills, team work and introduce a new sport, lacrosse and support the growing popularity of football.

The benches with tabletop board games have been popular and we want to provide more opportunity to develop physical skill through play with a game like giant Jenga during playtime.

Our School Council has already started to look at the playground area and equipment and we will be asking the pupils to continue to discuss how they would like the space to be utilised.

Seniors / Music

Lever Harp


The inclusion of this harp in the Yr 7 Taster scheme was be very benefical, and a lever harp is good starter instrument. 

I have found a teacher who can start teaching this in September if it’s purchased.

Seniors / Humanities

Murals related to History and PRE


Students will be able to enjoy murals related to Humanities which are not only aesthetically impressive, but will also be educational as they will feature timelines, portraits, quotations, events and images of artefacts and other miscellany related to our subjects. We believe they will lead to a more interesting learning environment for students and potentially pique interest in the subjects at Key Stages 4 & 5. 

We think it is also an excellent opportunity to contribute to our EDI mission by showcasing notable diverse female, global majority, LGBTQ+ and disabled historical figures and events that are perhaps under-represented in the Humanities curriculum in other schools. 

The images shown here are examples only

Seniors / Eco Club / Biology Bid

Vegetable Garden


Thank you so much for your generous offer from last year. Students have really enjoyed working in the pond area, and now have a beautiful new learning environment where we can have our club, where they can do pond dipping, and where we will even be making lemonade this summer term. Pictures have been send to the BHSA already and more will definitely follow.

We would like to make a new bid with Eco Club, as we’ve seen what difference this can make to our club and activities.

This time, we’d like to suggest to start growing vegetables in school. Students have been asking for a very long time, so we’d love to give them a chance to grow, take care of and try out their own vegetables.

Nutrition and healthy food have been in the news lately, and students rarely know different types of vegetables or where they come from (if not from a supermarket) or what they look like. I would love to change this with my Eco Club and make students more aware of the process of growing vegetables and trying their own, without it having travelled for miles in
plastic bags.

The bid is for 3 planters, Compost, Seeds and gardening tools.